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I’ve been wanting this for a while now my excuse? We can use it as a prop in the Wild Bangarang #warcraftleggings photo shoot !

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Lady Sylvanas

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Lyra & I went to the Brighton Film & Comic Con today (first time) and have to say it was pretty sweet.  Lots of vendors which we like, a scattering of costumes and some signing “celebs”. There wasn’t really anyone we wanted to see though we may have got a couple of Megaforce girls to sign a picture or two (I have my reasons!). It was a good chance to catch up with Joe Benitez who sketched this awesome Lady Sylvanas for me (Cinematic version).  Lyra & I also had a picture in the Delorian because why not !  

Adam-JayLady Sylvanas
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Deathwing & Jessica Nigri

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The awesome talents of Zach Fischer (who has created Official Warcraft leggings for Wild Bangarang) and the talented Jessica Nigri have come up with this awesome Deathwing inspired Costume that debuted at this years Blizzcon. What do you think ? Photography by Saffels Photography Now if only Miss Nigri had the time to do a shoot with me !

Adam-JayDeathwing & Jessica Nigri

Harley Quinn (Glow In The Dark) Giveaway !

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Our friends over at Pop In A Box sent myself and Lyra 3 Funkos ! Our mission was to choose the ones we wanted to keep and put the third one up for a giveaway. Check the unboxing here So we have a Glow In The Dark Harley Quinn to giveaway !  All you have to do to enter is >   a Rafflecopter giveaway

Adam-JayHarley Quinn (Glow In The Dark) Giveaway !